The 8 Things You Should Have Learned This Week

1) I love the show Duck Dynasty. I have to say that Jase is my favorite and Si just cracks me up. The family is tight-knit, God-Fearing and clean-mouthed. This 26 minute YouTube produced by I Am Second a film production company that uses a black room, a white chair and an honest account of a changed life, opens the unexpected story of Phil, Reed and Jep as they tell their personal stories of drugs, alcohol, violence, forgiveness and acceptance. 

2)  Here is an special interview with Stephen Covey given by Tony Robbins

4) Grandma & Grandpa voice their disappointment, distrust and disdain about the dishonesty and delusions of The Social Security Ponzi Meme they happily participated in decades ago. 

5) The Right-Brain Revolution has begun and Billionaire Vivek Ranadive believes that the ability to create new ideas will thrive in the future US economy while trade skills will continue to be outsourced. Courtesy of

7) The obvious answer to our economic problems is for the FED to stop printing dollars but Peter Schiff argues the FED will not taper despite the minutes from the FED's Oct meeting that stated "tappering is imminent". Regardless China is preparing. 

8) Farrah Fawcett's swimsuit was designed by Norma Kamali and now she speaks out about the Objectification of Women in culture and fashion.