Lindon, Utah | E.coli Enters The Public Water System

This past Sunday I took Baby Brother and Afton to their cousin's house in Alpine. The family sat around eating BBQ hot dogs and burgers, while Afton and Brother pounded the fruits and veggies!! Best kids ever! Granted I picked them up from mom's house and they climbed into the car with a few lollipops, but hey who doesn't like a dumdum every now and again. 

During dinner I was shocked at dinner to hear that the City of Lindon had their water supply contaminated with E.coli I did a quick search on Twitter to see what was being said Utah County Weather reported

"Lindon City has issued a BOIL ORDER for ALL drinking water until further notice."  - @Utcountyweather

photo: City of Lindon logo

The City of Lindon directed everyone to their Facebook page to learn about the updates and they have done a good job replying to the questions for the sake of replying, meaning that there is no real substance in the replies. When the City of Lindon was asked "what was the source of contamination?" they replied "We will be carefully monitoring the system to ensure a safe water supply. It has been tested twice since Friday and deemed safe for drinking. Contaminants occasionally affect a water system without knowing the exact cause. We will continue to investigate all leads and appreciate people's diligence to ensure the water supply is safe."


I do sympathize with the City of Lindon, it's not like they can control every little possibility, and they have done an above par job at planning for every act of accident and terrorism possible. Good on the City for catching the E.coli so quickly and lifting the "BOIL ORDER" within less than 48hrs.  

What if Lindon really does know the source of the contamination? Is it in the best interest of the City to announce it?  

Let's say it was a rotten water buffalo that caused the contamination or what if it was a test run from a terrorist group, but the Lindon PD has no intel on the group. What kind of worry and pandemonium would ensue after such information was released? I know my first question would be 'how in the hell did a water buffalo end up in Utah?" let alone in the Lindon water supply. 

I have learned from hard experience that I sometimes ask questions I do not really want the answer to. Yet, I have also learned from hard experience that I sometimes have to ask hard questions that render even harder answers to hear. Such is life.  


There are Four Core Reasons to Prepare

  1. Economical
  2. Biological
  3. EMP
  4. Natural Disasters

I could even argue - and I do, that there is actually a 5th reason to prepare, which is Spiritual, meaning that a fast skim through the Book of Revelations and you will see that the apocalyptic day spoken of by John is said to be "the GREAT and dreadful" day. Core Reason number five is my personal emphasis on the "great" rather than the dreadful. I have a webinar that I am doing for the many that have requested for me to share my notes in a presentation manner via my Google Hangout, and you can contact me or comment below if you would like to sit in on it or have me email you the youtube video afterwards. 

Aside from my personal annoyance with the negative assumptions about why we prepare you will see that my second reason is biological warfare. Pay attention to the news and you will see and hear that this is a real threat. Read the good word and you will see plagues and scourges that are very similar to the effects of the man-made viruses of our dear friends from the Chinese Liberation Army and movement and other sources of course.  

What really matters is whether there are solutions? I believe so. I offer at least one natural (holistic) solution that you may or may not be aware of:

  1. Silver Immune Booster

How The Pioneers Used Silver To Purify Water


You need to first understand the properties of silver. There are few captivating stories about why our culture adorns fancy silverware, meaning real utensils crafted from silver, aside from its naturally intrinsic worth as a precious metal it was also chosen to be used as cookware and tableware, such as goblets, forks, knives and spoons because of its healing properties. 

Hippocrates knew of silver's healing properties to purify and cleanse. Submarines line their water basins with silver and pioneers dropped silver dollar coins into their water barrels as they crossed the plains to keep the water from growing bacteria and becoming infected. Brigham Young wrote in his journal of times he began to feel under the weather and would drop a silver coin into his cup of milk and drink it. 

The Silver Institute writes: 

 "In World War I, before the event of antibiotics, it was an important weapon against disease on the battlefield. More recently, the FDA approved a breathing tube with a fine coating of silver, after it was established that it reduced the risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia. And that’s just one example of the many roles silver plays in medicine today. It is also added to bandages and wound-dressings, catheters and other medical instruments and is a key part of the technology behind X-rays."                                - The Silver Institute

Silver Immune Booster is a small company that sells silver water or in other words water  (H2o) that has silver (Ag) attached together. The nano particles of silver are safe to consume and is done so to purify and cleanse your bodies bad bacterias and boost your bodies immune system. I have used it personally when I had shingles, the flu and I have friends who have used it effectively for ear infections and on cuts, scrapes and abrasions. Many families will use it in exchange of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers because silver purifiers more extensively without the dryness from alcohol-based products. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think taking an ounce of silver immune booster a day is a great solution for the expected challenges ahead. Poor Lindon, I am glad that you got the E.coli problem solved!