28 Ways to Recognize Meekness- Neal A. Maxwell

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me: for I am meek and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
— Christ, as written in St. Matthew 11:29

A few months ago I felt very guided, if you will, to study the virtue of meekness. Recently, I have set out to read through the New Testament and found it interesting that one of the few times that Christ's speaks of Himself he chooses, of all things, to say he is "meek". It was Neil A Maxwell's BYU devotional "Meekly Drenched in Destiny" that first caught my guided attention. Deeply motivated to learn more of meekness I purchased Elder Maxwell's book "Meek and Lowly". A fantastic read. 

As I read, I noted down what I felt were significant descriptions or traits of meekness. A few months ago I would not have been able to define meekness, let alone give one single example of it's existence. 

Here are 28 examples to better understand meekness. Most the examples are direct quotes from Elder Maxwell, some examples were worded better to fit my objective of creating this list. All examples are true to Elder Maxwell's exact wording. 

The Meek...

  1. Christians follow the urge to do good, but the meek avoid growing weary of doing good.
  2. Christians follow the urge to speak the Truth, but the meek speak it in love.
  3. Christians are urged to endure all things, but the meek endure them well.
  4. Christians are devoted to God's cause, but the meek are prepared to sacrifice all things, giving, if necessary, the last full measure of devotion.
  5. Christians are urged to do many things of worth, but the meek focus on the weightier matters, the things of most worth.
  6. Christians forgive, but the meek forgive 'seventy times seven' (Matthew 18:21-22)
  7. Christians are not only engaged in good causes, but the meek are 'anxiously engaged' (D&C 58:27)
  8. Christians right any wrongs, but the meek do the right things for the right reason.
  9. Christians are told to get on the straight and narrow path, but the meek understand this is the beginning, not the end.
  10. Christians endure their enemies, but the meek pray for them and love them.
  11. Christians worship God, but astoundingly, the meek are instructed to strive to become like Him, and they do.
  12. Christians are given a Sabbath day for rest, but also they do the sweetest and often the hardest work of all.
  13. The meek do not carry the stress of feeling the need to be the source of all great ideas.
  14. Christians deflect discourtesies, but the meek are spiritually and intellectually active.
  15. The meek are continually open to the things they would 'never had supposed'.
  16. Christians do not know the meaning of all things, but the meek always know the Lord loves them.
  17. Christians may feel overwhelmed, but the meek never feel out of control.
  18. Christians do not seek to offend, yet the meek are not easily offended.
  19. Christians are alerted to the possibility that they will not be treated fairly. The meek almost invite the verification of this expectation.
  20. Christians weary out their lives in service to others. The meek experience the fatigue-less form of being alert.
  21. At times, Christians tumble from the peak of pride, but the meek do not tumble into the swamp of self pity.
  22. The meek are able to pick themselves up without ever putting others down blamefully.
  23. Christians remember and retain the realistic and rightful impressions of how blessed they are pertaining to fundamental things of eternity, but the meek are not easily offended by the disappointments of the day.
  24. Christians are the sheep that hear His voice and follow Him, willing to listen long and humbly enough to recognize His call. The meek have ears to hear and obey His uncomfortable suggestions.
  25. Christians are patient with the humble followers of Christ, and yet the meek are patient, knowing those who err, err only because they are taught by the precepts of men. (2Ne. 28:14)
  26. The meek understand those who may be 'stirred up to repentance'.
  27. Christians have a sense of readiness that helps surmount the stumbling blocks and rocks of offense, but the meek also make stepping stones of them to achieve a deeper and broader view of life through empathy.
  28. Christians assist others, but the meek are the ones that 'know how to draw fully upon His assistance.'


Not Meek, What Happens?

When we are not meek, we resist the informing voice of conscience and the feedback from family, leaders and friends, whether from preoccupation or pride, the warning signals go unnoticed or unheeded.
— Neil A. Maxwell

A Few Quotes About Meekness

And again, Behold I say unto you that he cannot have faith and hope, save he shall be meek and lowly of heart. If so, his faith and hope is in vain, for none is acceptable before God save the meek and lowly in heart.
— Moroni 7:43-44
If sufficient meekness is in us it will keep us from becoming mired in the ooze of self pity.
— Neil A. Maxwell
Meekness, therefore, is a key to deepening discipleship
— Neil A. Maxwell
Just as meekness is in all our virtues, so is pride in all our sins.
— Neil A. Maxwell
Meekness is vital, if one is to experience true intellectual and spiritual growth, especially that which heightens his understandings of the great realities of the universe
— Neil A. Maxwell

My Thoughts On Meekness

The reins of meekness are the complete and total opposite to the chains of pride. The chains of pride manipulate us to eventual doubt, despair and selfishness; whereas the reins of meekness are perfectly connected to our bridled passions and lead us to faith, hope and charity.