Fleas in a Bottle

Tonight, while praying I was unsuspectedly reminded of "fleas in a bottle". Do you remember the story of the fleas in the bottle? Im am sure you do, but guess what? We get to hear it again.... YEahhhhh (slowly getting quieter). Whelp, back to fleas. Put a bunch of fleas in a bottle and place a little heat on the bottom of the bottle and they will jump out. Put a cork on the bottle; keep the heat on the bottle and the fleas will attempt to jump out. The fleas of course whack their bodies against the cork. In a short time the fleas learn to jump just high enough to not hit themselves against the cork, take the cork off the bottle and the fleas will never jump out because they have learned that if you try to jump too high you will get hurt. Keep jumping high.

I heard this analogy while listening to a devotional by Hyrum Smith, while I was on my mission in 2001.