The Good Book

I have to constantly remember that no book is worth reading more than the Good Book.

I have found that when I spend the majority of my time in the Good Book, all other books become much better themselves.

In the scriptures I find harmony for my life, that allows me to better become clay in the Master's hands, while being firm as rock. 

Wise as a serpent, but harmless as a dove, A soft heart that allows itself to be broken always mends, while hardened hearts eventually shatter.

I find myself when I lose myself in the well being and concern for others.

When I am concerned for the happiness of anyone other than my own happiness, it eventually becomes my happiness, I find myself looking back on less road trip, but greater adventures.

Sadness always evaporates in the warmth of relieving the cold hearted. 

I feel amiss when I think of all the days spent reading books, but neglecting the Good Book. 

its a habit we develop over time, and right now is the best time to start it.