Prone to Love | BYU's Professor Gaskill

The following post is from BYU's Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine Alonzo Gaskill's blog, posted Dec 23, 2014

"In thinking about the prophet Abinadi today, I was reminded of a statement by McConkie and Millet, who noted: “We…note with interest the verity that purity and truth can tolerate the existence of wickedness and falsehood, while the reverse never seems to be the case. Wickedness and falsehood, like weeds, seek to exclude, retard, and strangle that which produces good food, raiment, beauty, and fragrance.” If we are filled with the Spirit of Christ, we can have compassion on, and love for, those who see the world differently than we do. Nevertheless, Satan will continually stir up to anger those who serve him—and they will ever seek to destroy that which is of God. As Truman Madsen once noted: “Light always stirs up darkness. That is an eternal law.” And so it is! I echo a comment a sister in my stake made to me last night during an interview. She said: “If we are Latter-day Saint Christians, we should be able to feel love for and manifest compassion toward those who believe differently than we. If we find ourselves angered by the views and opinions of others, our own Christianity must be called into question.” This is not a plea for indifference toward sin. But it is an encouragement to act with Christian civility. Jesus was our example. And when we have His Spirit, we are prone to love—even those with whom we disagree. Anger simply isn’t an emotion inspired by the Spirit of the Lord."