Justice | What's The Right Thing To Do?

Harvard's most popular professor Michael Sandel packs thousands of students into the historic Sanders Theater to hear lectures on justice, equality, democracy and citizenship. Now it's your opportunity to take the same journey in moral reflection. This course will help all weigh through the weightier matters of a society that often feels to be unraveling at the seams. 

Sandel's 12 Lectures On Justice

  1. The Moral Side of Murder
  2. Putting A Price Tag On Life
  3. Free To Choose / Who Owns Me?
  4. This Land Is My Land / Consenting Adults
  5. Hired Guns? / Motherhood: For Sale
  6. The Supreme Principle of Morality
  7. A Lesson In Lying
  8. What Is A Fair Start & What Do We Deserve?
  9. Arguing Affirmative Action
  10. The Good Citizen
  11. Where Our Loyalty Lies
  12. Debating Same Sex Marriage / The Good Life