Silver and Gold Have I None

The other night, I was reading scriptures with my kids before bedtime. We typically read a handful of verses directly from the scriptures, discuss those and then we have the illustrated stories from the scriptures. 

The "Picture Scripture" story we read was the story of Peter healing the lame man at the temple gate (Acts 3-4). The boys asked why Peter was going to the temple. I assume that he was going to preach, and while he did preach a sermon to those who witnessed the miracle, but he was taken into custody shortly after. 

My boys were concerned that Peter did not make it to the temple to "give his talk".  Their concern about this has been on my mind.

The result of Peter healing the lame man was that "many...which heard...believed" (Acts 4:4)

Peter may not have delivered his prepared sermon, but he delivered a sermon nonetheless. Being a Christian does not happen by doing, but by being. 

To change minds, you first must open hearts, and to open hearts, you must serve.
— Anne McLaughlin

I remember taking a theology class in college where the professor told the story of his failing a theology class in college. The professor placed volunteers along the hallways and courtyards that led to his class room who were in various states of need. One needed help getting the chain back on the sprocket of his bike, one dropped their books and papers, others needed help opening doors.

“When you meet someone, treat them as if they were in serious trouble, and you will be right more than half the time.”
— President Henry B. Eyring

Just before the final began, the professor asked if anyone had helped those volunteers. No one had. The professor explained that learning about Jesus does not make you Christian. It is by doing what Jesus would do that makes a Christian. They had failed their final.

The trick is learning to see and learning to act.

A few days ago I was meeting with a few business partners and we were talking in the parking lot after the meeting had ended. A frazzled woman came and asked if we could talk her through changing a flat tire. She was late for a meeting herself and said that she just wanted to know how to change the tire so she could change it when her meeting was over. 

We looked at each other and told her that we would change the tire for her. It took very little time but we had preached a sermon. 

My family and I went to a park near our home the other night. I noticed a woman struggling pulling a heavy cart out to her car. I was able to ask if she needed help. She said that she did. She was moving and needed a little bit of help finishing up. It took me about 20 minutes to help her finish and learn about her and make a friend.

Preach the gospel at all times and when necessary, use words.
— Francis of Assisi

Religion didn't come up, but a sermon was shared. I am not sharing these stories to make myself look good. I have such a long way to go in my personal discipleship. 

Opportunities to serve others are around us all the time. The Savior explained that those who have eyes to see are blessed.  Let us see and let us act.