This American Stands with Israel

This is biblical, in more ways than one

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  • arw1115🙏🏻
  • mario_mangiameli@hughvail using the Bible to base your foreign policy decisions however, is exactly like radical islamists.
  • squatchmanbearBiblically Babylon lol according to the bible there should be no state/nation of Israel and its existence is considered blasphemy by orthodox religion. Now consider that and rethink the symbology of your pic.
  • hughvail@mario_mangiameli haha... yes it would be, but I'm not using the Bible to base any FP decisions. The Bible simply talks about how Israel will be forsaken by her allies, and its seemingly apparent bc of poor FP, but I've never been fully convinced that virtue could be legislated or that FP's could be properly set or honored in the absence of virtue. And thus this post is a call to action for the U.S. to not abandon our allies.
  • hughvail@squatchmanbear the absence of virtue has screwed a lot of things up! And like good parenting suggests, we are required to clean up our mess. And our mess has separated and divided things, broken, offended, wounded and killed many. Virtue will prevail, but vice is probably the path we will tread until all have suffered enough to value virtue properly and prioritize it above all else.
  • squatchmanbear@hughvail I like that very much good sir, well said my friend. You are very correct as well, thank you for that perception indeed.
  • mario_mangiameliI just don't see the need to reference the Bible at the risk of having it influence decisions. Then again, I'm secular. Also, Obama gave Israel the largest aid package ever, $38B, and has done more for them (militarily) than any other US President. People forget that. US security interests are harmed by always turning a blind eye towards Israel or any ally. I don't work for the president but simply state the unbiased facts.
  • hughvail@mario_mangiameli I believe the Bible is a good place to discover correct principles that properly influence correct choices. A study was conducted on the writings of the Founding Fathers as to which source of wisdom they referenced the most. The answer was unexpectedly the Old Testament. Sadly, great men and great books are always had for both good and evil. Consider your Obama example, As you've well pointed out regarding the kind aide package of $38B! That's amazing! Sadly, we live in a society that almost refuses to venerate good men for heroic acts of service. For good reasons, we are a skeptical society, meaning an untrusting society. There's too much corruption in our society; on Wall Street and more and more on Main Street. In the White House and more and more in our own houses. Virtue is the answer, and I'm concerned that we will harden our hearts and stiffen our minds bc our hearts are broken and our minds our saddened. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm ok with that, but our Founding Fathers made our liberties by their virtues and when they sought to pass the torch to the next generation, they in their aged wisdom of experience requested that we value virtue more than they did in their younger years, having learned it was foundation of Freedom. Franklin famously wondered if we would be able to keep Liberty, he was 81 when he expressed his concern. The Bible when used by virtuous men is a fantastic guide book for Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but when used selfishly it has the power to destroy. Remember all Truth has its equal and opposite reaction. We ought not to blame the book but the men who bastardize it for their own purposes. So thinketh I 😂
  • hughvail*uncovered our Liberties by living more virtuous lives (might be a better way to say that)
  • mario_mangiameli@hughvail I guess you're not as radical as I thought. you make valid points. Especially about the book, how people bastardize it. I used to read the Bible and it does has wisdom within its text. I've been so turned off by people and their religions that I don't read it anymore. But maybe I'll get back to it one day.
  • hughvail@mario_mangiameli you're a good man Mario! The Bible needs more men like you on it's side!!