Reflection of Stars

Went on a hike this evening up American Fork canyon. By far my favorite canyon in Utah. It's close to my house. At the end of tonight's hike I had a thought come that added clarity to something I've had on my mind this last 6 months. 

On the way down the trail I noticed the starry sky. Without a flashlight I used the natural light of the stars and moon and my peripherals to better identify the shadowy trail underfoot.   

I thought of the stars. I thought of the scriptures. I wish Blue had come with me, but I was grateful for the company that did attend.

The lake reflected the stars. I do not ever recall seeing the stars in the reflection of a moonlit lake before. It was beautiful. The mountains were silloutted on the water and the pines peeked over the silloutte mountains. I was mesmerized. 

The thought came to me "how we end things is a reflection of how painful the ending may be. How we deal with the pain is a reflection of where we are. Regardless the pain, end things well so that you may begin things well". The thought was so much more encompassing than what I can compose. 

Agency has never meant so much.  

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