Two Most Important Principles of Content Marketing | What I Learned from Ken Krogue

I have had the opportunity to sit at the feet of Ken Krogue for more than four years now. Ken originally helped me understand how I could take my direct sales company, Tomorrow's Harvest Smart Food Storage  and turn my sales model into a lead generating, inside sales selling business that utilized the proper tools of telephony, inside sales tools (, ring central, and CRM automation ( 

If you have not yet downloaded and read the 42 page eBook "The Ultimate Revenue Engine" that was collaborated into existence by Jon Miller of Marketo and Ken Krogue of, then I would highly recommend doing so. Granted I will skim through some of the highlights of the eBooks and draw out the correct principles of the book... in a lot less reading than 42-pages.

The chapters are intriguing and insightful: 

Chapter 1: The Changing Nature Of The Buyer

Chapter 2: Managing Your Leads

Chapter 3: The Inside Sales Perspective

Chapter 4: 7 Rules To Increase Contact Ratios

Chapter 5: Those Are The Rules; Here Is The Reality


7 Categories Of Lead Generation

Ken always told me, and still says it today "it's all about the leads". Here are a few things I have learned what he means: 

  1. Lead Sources
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Lead Flow
  4. Lead Response
  5. Lead Qualification
  6. Lead Conversion
  7. Lead Closes

The experience that Ken shares to teach these 7 points of understanding your leads is the story about Lexis Nexis and how Ken saved them from spending unnecessary resources intended to generated new business revenue until they first understood how to generate leads properly & how to report on the performance of the leads before fully investing into a particular lead source or lead generation effort (blogging, advertising, webinars...etc)

The 2 Most Important Principles of Content Marketing 

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with The National Institute of Health and Fitness (#NIHF)  and review through their marketing strategies, primarily that of lead generation via content marketing. 

I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the strong focus on correct principles that NIHF is founded on. I was blown away to see the previous accomplishments and research papers of Dr. Marc Sorenson. I spoke with his co-founder Vicki Sorenson and realized immediately why NIHF has such loyal members. The Sorenson's are the the living embodiment of the 2 most important principles of content marketing.   

  1. Education
  2. Engagement

Dr. Sorenson has virtually written the handbook on health and fitness. Sen. Orrin Hatch recommended that a flag be flown over the U.S. Senate Building in recognition of Dr. Sorenson's contributions to health and fitness.
The articulate Vicki, bubbles with enthusiasm and connects with their members through honest stories regardless how embarrassing they are to her. 

Why We Buy | Logic & Emotion

Credit: Jon Miller,

People either purchase your products with emotion and justify later with logic or the other way around purchasing based on credible facts, research & testimonials and justify with emotion. 

Jon Miller at Marketo discovered through his research that Buyers today are highly educated and if they are lacking the education needed they will...

"complete 70% of their buying process before they ever engage with a sales person."  - Jon Miller,


The internet is filled with companies that are now engaging their target market with 70, 80 even 90% of credible, well researched information about their products, services and benefits. This is the essence of content marketing. As marketing and sales automation moves forward, your target market is looking to find their own answers and providing it to them through "real content" as Ken would say. Real content is the best way to earn trust and get interested shoppers to fill out that online form.