Guest: Col. Jack L. Tueller [ret.]

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Orphaned at age 5, Jack L. Tueller began selling scrap wire from a junk yard. Jack's aunt, living in Wyoming eventually took Jack and his brother into her home to raise the brothers. PerAngry as a child, Jack's temper would blow like a volcano. One year, Jack's aunt gifted him with a trumpet, and he quickly realized the healing power of music on the soul. As Personally complimented by Louis Armstrong on his playing, Jacks passion for the trumpet flooded his life with peace and joy. As a fighter pilot in WWll on "D-Day", the Korean War and Vietnam War; served in the Pentagon during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Cold War. Every mission Jack flew, his trumpet was toted along, strapped to his parachute

"I took it in a little canvas bag attached to my parachute. I figured if I ever got shot down, it would go with me, and if I survived and got put into a prisoner of war camp, I could get an extra bar of soap from the guard."

  Now, honored with the nations highest peacetime award the Distinguished Flying Cross, Col. Jack is now retired from flying and the military, but we invite you to listen to our special feature podcast with Col. Jack L. Tueller.

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