Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds

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Heirloom Seeds Longterm Food.jpg

Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds


20 Non-Hybrid Garden Seeds individually packaged per seed type and sealed in a enameled steel #10 can. For family preparedness and home garden use. Picked for shorter season climates, and excellent adaptability for most regions of the country

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  1. Bean, Blue Lake Bush
  2. Beets, Detroit Dark Red
  3. Cabbage, Copenhagen
  4. Cantelope, Hale's Best
  5. Carrots, Denver's #126
  6. Cauliflower, Early Snowball
  7. Corn, Golden Jubilee
  8. Cucumber, Marketmore 76
  9. Eggplant, Black Beauty
  10. Lettuce, Salad Bowl
  11. Onion, Sweet Spanish Yellow
  12. Pea, AlaskWr
  13. Pepper, Bell California
  14. Radish, Champion
  15. Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing
  16. Squash, Waltham Butternut
  17. Squash, Yellow Summer Crookneck
  18. Squash, Zucchini Black Beauty
  19. Tomato, Brandywine (pink)
  20. Tomato, Rutgers

These seeds can be harvested from year to year and you will have the same beautiful and delicious vegetables each time you plant. There is a wide variety of seeds that should satisfy a variety of tastes and preferences. This can should remain sealed until ready to plant to avoid loss of moisture within the seeds. For longer storage results, the can should be stored unopened in the refrigerator or freezer. Do not expose can to direct heat or sunlight.

These garden seeds can be stored for 4 years at 65-70°F and much longer at lower temperatures. Each 5-6°F drop in storage temperature may double the storage life. The most critical factors of storage life of seeds are temperature and moisture content.