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Guest Gary. J. Stevens, USMC

    Inspired by his grandfathers service in the U.S Navy, Gary dragged his mother to the Marine Corp Recruiting office in Southern California, and at the age of 17 Gary's mother signed her only son into the United States Marine Corp. In 1996, Gary graduated from boot-camp in the top 4 of 526 graduates. As a married family man, Sgt Stevens was deployed in 2007 to Iraq, and operated in Fallujah that same year. After nearly 13 years of service to the United States and its Marine Corp, Gary Stevens is now an honorable Veteran of Iraqi Freedom.
    Today we will hear from Gary what freedom really means, what it looks like, what it sounds like, and what we as free citizens need to know about personal preparedness. Drawing from years of military experience and leadership Gary is Tomorrow's Harvest National Trade Show Manager. Travel with Gary and I as he discusses with us about traveling around the globe, and the lessons he has learned about preparedness.

Tonights Topics:

Meals Ready to Eat [MRE]
Iraqi families: Dependent on the Government
Cheez-its & a .50 cal
Grub, Guns & Gear
Self Reliance is Freedom
Gun & Ammo Tradeshows: what the vendors are saying about food storage

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