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Guest: Chris Hansen

  • V.P of Sales and Partner | Wise Foods, Inc

Chris Hansen started Wise Foods, Inc with his long time friend and previous business partner, Brian Neville [CEO of Wise Foods, Inc]. As V.P of Sales Chris front loaded the responsibilities and challenges of selling their freeze dried/dehydrated meals from a Mylar bag, which was then placed in a protective bucket, a feat that proved a long & difficult road to travel as they competed with the long-trusted #10 can. Today, Wise Foods is sold around the world, including New ZealandAustralia and Europe.

Listen to our podcast tonight as we hear about the struggles & challenges that Chris and his company have overcome and are now triumphantly standing amongst the greatest manufacturing companies in the outdoor and emergency preparedness industry. 

Wise Foods, has an outdoor line that can be purchased at your major outdoor retailers, such as Cabela's, Bass Pro Shop & Sportsman's Warehouse. 

Where to purchase Wise Food Storage ?

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