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Katadyn Micropur Tablets

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The Only EPA Registered Purification Tablets on the Market! And the only disinfection system effective against viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, and Giardia. No unpleasant taste.

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Purification Method: TASTELESS chlorine dioxide tablets (same as used by many water treatment facilities).  The NEW Katadyn ultra-light Micropur MP1 Water Purification Tablets are the NEXT GENERATION of safe water treatment. Micropur Water Purification Tablets provide fresh safe drinking water for emergencies, camping, or travel without any yucky aftertaste.

Micropur MP1 tablets are SAFER THAN IODINE TABLETS. Registered by the Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA), Micropur MP1 is a simple and easy to use water purification tablet that is effective against harmful bacteria, viruses and cysts. IN FACT, Katadyn Micropur Water Purification Tablets are the ONLY TABLET or LIQUID currently registered by the EPA that effectively controls cyptosporidium, a waterborne cyst (regular iodine tablets ARE NOT EFFECTIVE against crypto). Micropur is the first water purification tablet that meets the strict EPA Water Purifier Test Standards (without needing to use a filter!). Unlike normal iodine water purification tablets, which leave a yucky aftertaste, the Micropur tablets leave the water tasting fresh without any unpleasant taste.  It actually IMPROVES the taste  of treated tap water. Excellent choice to purify water from lakes, rivers, or streams when camping or backpacking. Excellent for international travel.

Key Features:

  • Each water purification tablet treats 1 liter of water
  • Premeasured—no mixing needed
  • 30 individual tablets in foil sealed package
  • Chlorine Dioxide tablets (no chlorine used)
  • Fresh tasting water—leaves no unpleasant taste
  • Meets EPA purification guidelines
  • 3-4 Year Shelf-Life

Please Note: Product instructions have a 4 hour contact time. Fulfilling the role of protecting consumers, the EPA requires that packaging claims for Micropur MP1 communicate how the product performs in the most challanging water conditions (water that is very cold and dirty). While MP1 is effective against bacteria and viruses in 15 minutes, it requires 4 hours for cryptosporidium in cold, dirty water. Therefore, labeling requirements include a 4 hour wait time for maximum consumer protection.   Micropur tablets are a stabilized form of chlorine dioxide and contains no active chlorine or iodine. Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective and safe water treatment currently used by hundreds of municipal water treatment plants world-wide to disinfect drinking water. Micropur's unique formula works quickly and efficiently by releasing oxygen in a highly active form to kill bacteria, viruses, and protozoa without unpleasant taste or odor!

Is there chlorine in Micropur? No, there is no active chlorine in "chlorine dioxide". Although chlorine dioxide has the word chlorine in its name, the two forms of chlorine have completely different chemical structures. The oxygen radically changes the molecule and creates completely different chemical behaviors and by-products. Just like the chlorine in sodium chloride (table salt) is safe and will not treat water, the chlorine in Micropur is not the active ingredient. The OXYGEN is the active ingredient.

How safe is Micropur? Water treated as directed is safe to drink on a regular basis. Other water treatment chemicals like iodine water purification tablets, may create an off taste and discolor water. Some chemicals, like iodine, chlorine, and other halogens, create potentially harmful by-products.

Can Micropur be used with a water filter for extra protection? Yes. Any of the Katadyn water filters or MSR water filters will REMOVE crypto cysts and bacteria plus they will filter out micro particles in the water. Used safely for years in Europe, it is a great addition to purify water…easily and without filtering hassle.

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