In June of 2015, my business partners and I were invited to attend a private screening The Abolitionists Movie, a film produced by the collaborators of Amistad, Saving Private Ryan and other well known films and T.V. shows, which follows an Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) Jump Team on a series of missions to rescue children from slavery in the sex industry. 

We cried.  

As the credits rolled, the lights dimmed on as Tim, Chet, Darrin, Sen. Mike Lee and others including Utah's Attorney General, Sean Reyes were called to the front of the audience. As the producers stood to address their feelings regarding their experience; they said something so simple, yet so stirring and it was something like this "when we heard about O.U.R we asked ourselves what we could do. We obviously don't know how to rescue kids, but we knew how to make a movie and so that's what we felt like we could do, and so that's what we set out to do and now as you can see it is what we have done." 

At once, as if we everyone in attendance was in-sync with one heart and one mind we stood in reverent applause. Mark, Derek, Mike and I glanced at each others' faces with tears down our cheeks. We have worked long hours with each other over the past few years. We knew we could do something, and we needed to do it.

After weeks of discussion about the impact that the film had on us, we decided that we would take that experience and create the "Milk That Matters" campaign. For years, we ran a freeze-dried food storage company together. One of our best selling products was our freeze dried chocolate milk. We sold tens of thousands of gallons. It was a perfect fit for food storage because it is made with Real Milk and just like Instant Carnation's Chocolate Breakfast drink all you need is to add cold water. Families purchased hundreds of gallons from us for the purpose of baking, consuming and storing our milk in their pantries. 

Today, we are the operators and executives of a successful tech start up company,, but we are resurrecting our influence and our efforts to put our famous and award winning dutch chocolate milk back on the market and in the kitchens of homes that want to drink Milk That Matters. 

It is our hope, that the next time you or your friends head off to the store to purchase NesQuik or Carnation's Instant Breakfast Drink's you'll hold off, hop online and let us deliver OUR Chocolate Milk That Matters to your doorstep. 

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